Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask or HiLite in Black?

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Todays 1 on 1 is for 2 awesome products from SOM that are reasonably priced. Between Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask and HiLite in Black, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a much closer look and see what there is to see.

The very first product we have is

Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask 😙

For quantity purchase a lot more than 20, please deliver us an email

When COVID-19 virus hit, we focused all our resources to engineer quality durable rip-stop fabric masks to hold our community safe.

Our 100% cotton rip-stop made-in-USA reusable face-masks surpass CDC (Centers for Disease Control) instructions, fitting securely from the face whenever affixed with laces or ribbon straps. Multiple layers of material by having a vapor barrier filter allow for respiration without restriction and, coupled with a variable nose-piece, the look provides a personalized fit, enhancing protection for much longer duration. Our device washable design is engineered and hand fabricated by SOM Footwear.

SOMs: Comfortable, Lightweight, & Versatile > Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask

Our second product on our list today is HiLite in Black!

We get some soles from our US provider,allow us more time for delivery..Please click “notify me when available”.

The HiLite is SOM’s first mid-top model ever produced. More versatile than any of the other SOM footwear, the materials used in the HiLite are technically higher level, durable, provide greater breathability, and therefore are quick-drying. Now available in a black colored version.

The mid-top provides additional ankle protection from dirt, stones, and dust, whether you’re walking for a city road, or running or hiking on rough trails.

SOMs: Comfortable, Lightweight, & Versatile > HiLite in Black

I’m saying my pick between these two has got to be hands down… Made in USA Reusable Face-Mask.